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Without edition in English – but luckily someone will offer to translate it for free -, “Ser mulher não é para qualquer um” (Being a woman is not for everyone, freely translated), is the biography of the trans woman Nany People, written by Flavio Queiroz.

Nany, actress, TV host and comedian, has a career just as versatile as she is. Her first words in this book bring a lesson from her mother, who she loved so dearly and who, against all the odds, always defended and supported Nany in all her life, are: “People do to us what we allow them to – until we let them do!”. Nany says that once, during a family dinner, when she was only six years old (and back then she was still a girl trapped in a boy’s body), she didn’t want to eat what was on her plate and said, “in a very feminine way”, that she wanted the other beef, because it was smaller. With that her father punched her in the mouth, throwing her off the table, and demanded that she talked like a man.

It is impossible not to feel amused and moved by how simply (yet beautifully) Nany describes her life, from the moment she realized she was a woman, until the present moment. Every single page of the book brings details: the fact that she was the youngest of a family of strong women, from whom she learned how to be strong and fight for every single moment in her life. “Who doesn’t live to serve, doesn’t serve to live”, her mother used to say. And that personality shines through Nany’s persona.

One of the most beautiful things written in this book I fully reproduce below, using the best of my translation knowledge to keep its fidelity to the original:

Only on her deathbed did Mother confess that she was called in the David Camper (school where Nany had studied). They asked if she was aware that I had a “problem”. She replied, “It’s not a problem, it’s his condition, and it’s up to me, as a mother, to make him the happiest person in the world.” She even explained that we came from a small town, where everyone knew our family and was more tolerant.

I truly recommend you to read this piece. It’s a small book, you can read it in one day or two. Not only you’ll learn a lot about what’s like to be a trans woman in Brazil, but also feel emotional about it. I do have my concerns with the way Nany People handles things, but it’s her book, so she did what she wanted and I’ll be forever grateful for having the opportunity to get to know her a little.

Nany People: ser mulher não é para qualquer um – Minhas Verdades
Written by Flavio Queiroz
Link to Amazon


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random #1

May 17, 1992

Dear friend,
It seems like every morning since that first night, I wake up dull, and my head hurts, and I can’t breathe.

the perks of being a wallflower – stephen chbosky

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1Wish I could talk more about this book, but it has left me speechless, in a good way of course. I could easily spend the rest of my life without speak.

Charlie, the main character of this book, has touched my heart in so many different ways that I would be stupid if I tried to describe each touch. Introverted, Charlie doesn’t know exactly how he’s going to fit in a world that claims so much attention, in which he has to “participate” in order to be accepted by the others. With the help of his friends Patrick and Sam, Charlie starts to “participate” in their lives by going to parties, getting high once in while, writing letters for an anonymous person about his feelings and his life and what’s going on. While I was reading the book, even though the discourse used by the author is clear the one we use to write letters, I had the impression that I was going through a diary. A very sweet one, by the way.


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lola Não sei se já escrevi em algum lugar sobre algo que eu tenha lido ou visto, ou mesmo alguma peça de teatro que tenha presenciado. Nunca achei bacana essa história de emitir juízos de valor sobre uma coisa que não foi produzida por mim. De qualquer forma, aqui vou fazendo uma pequena recomendação que, ao que parece, passará despercebida pela web.


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