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Donnie DarkoIt wasn’t on my plans to watch a movie today, not to mention write about one. But my mood was okay, the afternoon was quite cold because of the intermittent rain outside (and here is usually as cold as a volcano), I wasn’t sleepy and Jake Gyllenhaal is too gorgeous to be ignored (yes, I can be that superficial, sue me), specially playing a cute little student who apparently has some serious mental problems.

Donnie Darko (2001) features a special guy called Donnie with sad eyes that make me want to grab him, lay him down, cuddle and whisper into his ear that everything is going to be okay. From the beginning of the story, Donnie has all the typical symptoms of schizophrenia: daylight dreams, nightmares and difficulties to take reality and fantasy apart. But soon we learn that this is not only his problem, but ours, once we too have difficulties to know what’s real in the story. (WARNING: this is NOT a spoiler free post).



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I came across this movie while I was, once again, procrastinating. This was something very unusual, specially because it’s been months since I last watched something in my computer. My lazy moments have turned into something between funny videos and funny posts on popular blogs around the web.

Anyway… For some mysterious reason, I found myself on a website with tons of movies to watch and this one was at the top of its recent releases. Driven by this greed to watch something, 20 minutes later I was close to Carl (Jon Favreau), admiring his abilities in handling cooking tools and food in a restaurant called Gauloises  (when I don’t even know how to cook eggs). Seeing him as a celebrity who cooks amazing things, I must confess it was somehow difficult to watch the whole movie because I just started a diet. (more…)

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